I guess I'll just love myself

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  • Why the fuck would you ask someone out like that ,let alone your boss ??

  • 100 %legit story no Fake just the truth

  • https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/a1MrWvv/a1wwAlna_700w_0.jpg

  • And she was right to do so ,you colossal idiot .

  • There are 5 billion women in the world- and each of them is a better choice than a coworker or Boss .Even if theyre nice and you get along very well- dont even flirt .Just keep the relationship professional .You never know what happens .Imagine you have a date .Maybe you become a couple- which can have a huge impact on the social situation at your workplace (also if youre only dating or having Sex ,if the others find out .Imagine all the gossip etc ...).And if you become a couple :some day there comes the breakup .And thats when your workplace becomes a total nightmare .But please take this harrassment course as a serious lesson to keep your professional relationships professional in the future .In the long term ,the concequences would have been worse if your boss had said yes to a date .

  • As like a general rule ,don ’toffer women money for sex if you want them to like you ...

  • and today in things that never happened

  • Woman date guys b because their money :Ahh boo golddigger !!Youre only dating him for the money !! Womandont date guys because they have money :Bullshit at its finest !!Shes retarded !!

  • OP is nowhere to be found so FAAAKKKEE

  • Damn that must be at least $10